1. What are the advantages of metals compared to other types of roofs?

Prefabricated metal roofs offer a variety of attractive colors, and long-life coatings do not support the growth of moss, mold or fungi. The metal plates are lightweight but strong enough to withstand the harsh weather - snow can easily slip off the roof. Finally, metal roofs last longer, save energy, and require little maintenance.

2. How does TearStop anti condensation felt work?

TearStop anti condensation felt absorbs, stores and releases large amounts of moisture, which usually condenses. When the temperature of the metal roof drops below the dew point, the TearStop anti condensation felt will absorb and store the condensed water vapor. Under appropriate temperature and ventilation conditions, the absorbed water will again evaporate into the ambient air.

3. Why is condensation a problem?

When the temperature inside and outside the building is poor, condensation will form inside the cold metal plate - this is a natural effect.

4.What is life expectancy?

TearStop is made of durable polyester to extend the life of metal panels; various tests and field projects confirm the durability of the product.

5. Is the TearStop factory suitable for metal sheets? Is it safe in the application?

Yes, TearStop anti condensation felt is factory-used compared to traditional materials, making it faster, safer and easier to install.

6. What is the R value?

The R value is small, only 0.3691. However, the value of this product comes from the ability of other materials to store and release moisture.

7. Does moisture affect metals?

No, no.

8.Will mold grow up?

No, TearStop's microfibers do not support mold growth.

9.Does TearStop limit the sound?

Yes, it reduces the noise outside, like the rain, and absorbs sound from inside the building. Using TearStop will produce similar results to alternative vapor blockers.

10.Is there a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 20-year non-layered warranty.

11.Where can I answer more questions?

https://www.metalbuilding-condensationcontrol.com or call Tearstop Support at +8615800821990