What is TearStop anti-condensation felt?

TearStop is a new type of needle punched polyester non-woven fabric, produced by amending processing and special technology. From the production processing, the technical requirements of TearStop are much higher than the ordinary non-woven fabric; At the same time, from the quality of view, TearStop also has the functional characteristics that other non-woven fabrics do not have, with high moisture absorption, strong drainage and high flame retardancy.

TearStop has very high physical and chemical properties. It can burden several hundred kilograms of tension without breaking up. TearStop is self- adhesive. Its use hot-melt, flame retardant ,and environment-friendly glue. It’s very sticky and no smell.

TearStop can quickly bring the vapor outside the building avoid breeding mold, effectively improve the energy efficiency of the building structure, keep it in the best use state, and solve the moisture-proof and human living health perfectly. It is a new and environment-friendly energy-saving material.

TearStop is a cost-effective solution that can replace insulation materials and humidifiers to protect roof systems and buildings from the interference of condensate. The base material is specially made of self-adhesive non-woven fabric. From roll forming equipment fitted to the back of the steel plate. By absorbing the Vapor inside of the steel roof, drained the water into the bottom of the slope and evaporates the water content in the non-woven fabric by natural ventilation. Thus it could replace the insulation material (PU foamed, rock wool. EPS, XPS, PIR). The user can easily cut, fit and using fully automated equipment to apply the non-woven fabric to the color steel sheet on the roof. It must have ventilated in the building.