The Miracle span looks very simple and high-end and is often

used in a high-end venue such as a museum and an art

gallery with an overall roof. Of course, also sports venues,

textile factories, and storage warehouses. Some complicated

processes have been removed, which greatly reduces the

cost of labor. But it still cannot be avoided by some external

factors - condensate will also destroy these practical

buildings. This kind of destruction is not immediate

destruction caused by a day or two, but like a chronic

disease, reaching the inside of the building and destroying

them. The museum is a social public institution that collects,

displays and studies the physical and human cultural


It is feared that the Greek national treasures that "have" here

will be destroyed. According to relevant videos obtained by

the Greek TV station SKAI, the top of the exhibition hall of the

collection "Elkin Stone Carving" is dripping, and the drip is

mainly behind the statue of Iris. The floor is covered with

absorbent paper and has a warning sign of sliding carefully.

Its role and purpose are to provide cultural education for the

people. As an important place, museums must guarantee the

dryness and safety of people inside. Even the famous British

Museum has been eroded by condensate. The British

Museum's collection of marble sculptures from the Parthenon

in Greece has been found on the roof of the pavilion, causing

concern to the Greek media and society.

Regarding the safety of the Greek cultural relics and the

situation of the exhibition hall, the British Museum issued a

statment that the water leakage problem was caused by the

recent climate change, and the amount of water dripping was

small, the Greek sculptures were not damaged, and the

hidden dangers have been solved… The statement also

stressed that the British Museum takes responsibility for the

protection of cultural relics very seriously. "The preservation

of collectibles is of paramount importance to the British


“The water on the left side of the gymnasium in the city is

dripping every rainy day. It not only affects normal sports and

fitness competitions but also damages the wooden flooring in

the room. It also affects the image of the only national fitness

center in the city. I hope the leaders of the sports bureau can

Check and repair as soon as possible, pay attention to

strengthening the maintenance and repair of the main


The gymnasium leaks affect normal activities"If the water

drops penetrate into the wall, the wall will be broken, and the

damage will be beautiful and affect the wall. Dropping

condensate from the stadium will cause the ground to slip,

making the sports people have safety hazards: falling, or

destroying indoor sports facilities, and some expensive

facilities cannot touch the water, similar to a treadmill.

By absorbing the Vapor inside of the steel roof, drained the

water into the bottom of the slope and evaporates the water

content in the non-woven fabric by natural ventilation. Thus

users can easily cut, fit and using fully automated equipment

to apply the non-woven fabric to the color steel sheet on the

roof. It must have ventilated in buildings.TearStop Anti

Condensation Felt; is a cost-effective solution that can reduce

insulation materials and humidifiers to protect roof systems

and buildings from the interference of condensate. The base

material is specially made of self- adhesive non-woven fabric.

From roll forming equipment fitted to the back of the steel


TearStop Anti- Condensation Felt&fire prevention, tensile

force, and water absorption test. In addition to prevent your

metal building from condensation, It has the following

1.All automatic production ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF

Tearstop anti-condensation felt

2.One Step insulation

3.Prevents standing water on floors 4.Keeps condensed water

from dripping onto machines/goods

4.Keeps condensed water from dripping onto machines/goods

5.Keeps mold and mildew from damaging your building.

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