“Has anyone had the same problem? Condensation forms on the underside of the cladding in the roof space then drip down onto the insulation which makes up the coldstore ceiling. not as good as over time the panels become impregnated with watered.” Asks Mrs. Grace, the owner of coldstore.

“We have used de-humidifiers on one site and they do help but they cost a fortune to run with the current energy costs. Also, we have ventilation fans in some roof spaces they do help a little.”

This is a common problem in ventilated roof spaces above cold rooms. It relates to the dewpoint of the air within the roof space. The roof space and structural supports are usually a few degrees below ambient temperature so the relative humidity of the air (from ambient) will be higher than ambient. If the ambient air was already at say 90%RH then it only takes a 1~2°C drop in temperature to reach saturation (this usually starts on the cold steel roof supports). The inside air dew point is reached thus the accumulation of moisture in the roof underside.

“Are there any other options?”

TearStop Anti Condensation Felt is a cost-effective solution that can reduce insulation materials and humidifiers to protect roof systems and buildings from the interference of condensate. The base material is specially made of self- adhesive non-woven fabric. From roll-forming equipment fitted to the back of the steel plate. By absorbing the Vapor inside of the steel roof, drained the water into the bottom of the slope and evaporates the water content in the non-woven fabric by natural ventilation. Thus users can easily cut, fit and using fully automated equipment to apply the non-woven fabric to the color steel sheet on the roof. It must have ventilated in buildings.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF Tearstop anti-condensation felt

TearStop Anti Condensation Felt pass the TUV fire prevention, tensile force, and water absorption test. In addition to prevent your metal building from condensation, TearStop has the following benefits:

1.All automatic production

2.One Step insulation

3.Prevents standing water on floors

4.Keeps condensed water from dripping onto machines/goods

5.Keeps mold and mildew from damaging your building

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