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Rainfall noise insulation & Sound absorption

SilenceKing- acoustic absorber for metal roofs

SilenceKing Felt is a self-adhesive acoustic absorber that was developed for metal constructions. It reduces the rainfall noise and offers a maximum broadband sound absorption inside the room.

SilenceKing Felt is so effective because of its porous structure which assures high acoustic performance.

SilenceKing Felt also has thermal insulation properties, which can effectively replace some insulation materials.




The noise of raindrops falling on a metal roof is incomparably bigger. Then the noise caused by raindrops falling on clay tiles. Therefore it is disturbing for people and their activities inside the building. The noise caused by raindrops falling on the metal roof surface spreads. Throughout the metal construction and finds its way into the room.

SilenceKing Felt work as an insulation layer for the rainfall noise.


The sound absorption of SilenceKing Felt reaches the highest values where the frequency is above 1000 Hz. Therefore it is particularly effective in rooms where impulsive noise takes place (metal and wooden industry). In combination with other acoustic materials, it can be very effective also in rooms and halls for other purposes.

Particularly problematic are noisy activities in dosed metal constructions, where sound intensity amplifies significantly. This is because of the poor sound absorption capability of metal sheets, which causes an echo in a room.

SlienceKing Felt


SILENCEING also has thermal insulation properties, which can effectively replace some insulation materials.

Compare with traditional insulation materials, it's easier to install and clean. It has high fire resistance. Avoid mold growth, moistureproof, anti damp. Environmental protection, self-sticking and non-toxic.